Operation Integratus are a group of musicians, technologists, composers, instrument builders working within the Experimental Media Research Group (EMERGE) of Bournemouth University, UK.

Using augmented and experimental musical instruments and interfaces, networked scores, acoustic and data feedback loops and subversive bot interventions - performers, instruments, score and network all conspire to repress the individuals autonomy / ego from the context of the group. The ensemble's new objective is to devise collaborative strategies within the complex mesh of agents that comprise the system, and together, attempt to redefine the nature of ensemble play.

O|I [People]

  • CANNING Rob - Augmented Guitar, Live Electronics and Network Score Systems
  • CHIARAMONTE Antonino - Alto Flute, Live Electronics
  • DAVIS Tom - "Polysemous" assemblage of customised turntable, printer-driven wind chime & electromagnetic long string instrument
  • TROISI Anna - Movement, Kinect, Voice.

O|I [bios]

Rob Canning http://rob.kiben.net
Augmented Guitar, Network Scores

Rob Canning is a composer and network musician. His instrumental works have been performed and commissioned by ensembles such as the London Sinfonietta, the Con Tempo string quartet, the RTE National Chamber Choir of Ireland and Ensemble Concorde amongst others. He has been actively involved in education and collaborative new media projects over the last 10 years including the GOTO10 collective , the Puredyne GNU/Linux operating system for artists and SPC.ORG Greenwich, London where his studio is located. He is currently completing a PhD focused on networked musical performance employing open form structures and open technologies in the music department of Goldsmiths, University of London. He currently lectures in Creative Networked Media in Bournemouth University.

Antonino Chiaramonte http://www.antoninochiaramonte.eu/
Flute, Live Electronics

Antonino Chiaramonte is an eclectic italian musician, internationally acclaimed electroacoustic composer, sound designer, live electronics performer and flautist. His musical research focuses on electroacoustic music, music & the moving image interaction and musical metalinguistic topics as deepest communication media. His music production is oriented towards research and experimentation on new expressive abilities which arise from the interference between different music languages and technologies applied to the arts. His attention is focused on intermediality, live electronics and performers' interaction, in a continuous dynamic exchange between gesture/improvisation and control/composition. He is professor in Performance and Interpretation of Electroacoustic Music at the “L. Refice” Conservatoire of Frosinone.

Tom Davis http://www.tdavis.co.uk/

Tom Davis is a digital artist working mainly in the medium of sound installation. His practice and theory based output involves the creation of technology led environments for interaction. He performs regularly as part Ambiguous Devices with Paul Stapleton, as JDTJDJ with Jason Dixon and as part of the Jackson4s. He has performed and exhibited across Europe and in the US. Davis is currently a lecturer at the University of Bournemouth and holds a PhD from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

Anna Troisi http://www.annatroisi.eu/
Movement, Kinect, Voice

Anna Troisi has a background in computer science, computer music and nanotechnologies. She worked at ICCMR - University of Plymouth, LIM - University of Milan and CRASSH - University of Cambridge. She is currently Lecturer in Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University and member of Emerge (Experimental Media Research Group). Anna’s research interests include data mining for neuroscience applied to sound, design of new interfaces for performances and multisensory digital installations.

A/V [playlist]